Our Clients

We continually operate, but not exclusively in the following demanding sectors:

Healthcare facilities are one of the most difficult building types to construct requiring the understanding and application of unique and highly complex systems.  Working inside an active facility without disrupting the delivery of services, and being conscious of how construction activities can affect patient outcomes, increases this level of difficulty. Under these types of conditions there is no substitute for experience and the experience possessed by our company and our staff makes HPI uniquely qualified.

HPI are committed to delivering high quality learning environments that are safe and inspirational for staff and pupils. Integral knowledge and industry expertise puts HPI in a strong position to meet the challenges of the next decade and to expand further into this sector.

Construction for the public sector comes with a unique set of challenges. Budgets are typically tight, and often set in stone, and regulations are exacting. Projects in this sector benefit from HPI building services realistic estimates and up-front pricing capabilities. Once underway, regular cost and labour reports keep you informed of actual project costs against your budget. By comparing project specifications to our exhaustive database of approved materials and standards, we ensure that all systems will pass final inspection.

An inviting atmosphere, comfort, and smart systems – these are hallmarks of great sport and leisure facilitys. HPI has collaborated with many proprietors and facilities managers to get the most out of their buildings and to deliver to customers an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Today’s industrial process equipment, vessels and piping systems demand the highest quality as well as operating efficiency which is essential to producing a competitive product. We accomplish this by pursuing the highest standards of excellence and safety in the industry. We have extensive experience in the industrial marketplace. Our performance in this industry has earned us a reputation as a contractor that can meet and exceed the expectations of industrial owners and generic contractors even on the most difficult and complex projects.

We are a full-service contractor that performs HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration, piping and temperature controls over a wide range of projects and customers within the commercial marketplace.